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Improve Productivity and Focus

In-depth data insights give you a clear picture of employees’ productivity, including any setbacks they’re experiencing and helps you minimize them.

At the same time, just because the employees know about the computer monitoring software, they’ll be more focused, and you can rest assured that their attention is where it needs to be.

Manage Remote Teams

Monitoring employees is challenging enough, especially if they’re miles away. Thanks to Cloudbizz you’ll have full control over your remote teams through daily reports on active time, activity tracking, and screenshots. It also helps you simplify payroll process, because you can enter hourly rates for every employee on the team.

Improve Attendance Accuracy

Employees’ attendance is automatically calculated and counted based on their computer activity, so their timesheets are created once they actually start working, not when they arrived to work. This helps you abide by local labor laws, but also cut down any losses that come from buddy punching and time theft.

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