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        Important message

        Discover our new and ultra safe connection portal

        With nearly an increase of 700% regarding the risks associated with Cybercrime since the Covid-19 health crisis, it has become essential to protect your Cloud access with one or more strong authentication methodset.

        81% of security breaches are due to weak passwords or stolen credentials.

        As of Monday the 14th of Decemer 2020, we have implemented a multi factor authentication system that significantly strengthens the security of your cloud accounts and reduces the risk of attacks.

        That is why, to connect to the new ultra secure portal, it is essential to have activated multi factor authentication.

        Discover our new portal now through the following link :

        No time to set up the new authentication method right away?
        Don't panic, you can access the former conection portal through the link below.

        Click here to login onto the former connection portal 

        Attention !!! 
        The former connection portal will be deactivated on Sunday the 24th of December 2020. From then on, you will automatically be redirected to to new portal.









        The following message will become visible only once the countdown ends.


        Step 1

        Video : How can I activate strong athentication with SMS


        Stap 2

        Video : How can I activate strong athentication with Okta Verify